Documentary Series by Marc Pingry Productions, Inc.

116: “Chinese Lunar New Years” Hong Kong

Chinese festivals occur according to the lunar calendar. The first and the “mother of all celebrations” is the Chinese New Year. Families get together for joyous meals, people bring gifts to their gods in busy shrines. The whole city is dressed in gold and red, the colors of good fortune. At night, skyscrapers are lit up with impressive neon light displays. We see what’s cooking for the New Year’s big meal and how one local family celebrates in their home. The New Year’s parade is what everybody waits for. With groups from all over the world, the costumes, music and dances are nothing but spectacular! 

Off the Beaten Path: We visit the fisher folk’s village on Lamma Island and see their special New Year’s prayer. We participate in the making of Dim Sum, the most recognizable food in HK and witness the ‘Lucky Race’ at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.